Scoreholio - TCL Sig 3 - Backyard Doubles Registration
***Registration Goes LIVE Friday 11/17/2023. Event Starts Saturday 1/20/2024. $100 per Team Round Robin - 3 Games min Morning Round Robin play Saturday Afternoon double Elimination Bracket 1 game winners - 1 game losers TCL Sanctioned Event Big Tex Gear / TCL Bags required TCL Premium Membership required Additional Details at DOUBLES EVENTS - TIER STATUS AT TIME BOTH PLAYERS ARE REGISTERED AND JOINED ON SAME TEAM. ALL SIGNATURE SERIES EVENTS REQUIRE ADVANCE REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT TO BE COMPLETED THE 10 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT. NO LATE REGISTRATION OR DAY OF REGISTRATION NO REFUNDS FOR REGISTRATION AFTER 11:59 pm on JANUARY 5,2023. Players who register without a Scoreholio display of First and Last Name will be refunded and have to re register and could lose their spot IF the event sells out before they adjust their display name Players who register for a lower Division than their TIER will be removed from tourney without a refund at any point of the Tourney. Tiers will be based off the new Season XIV rankings.
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